• 100 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play marketplace and approx fifteen billion apps are now downloaded each quarter across the iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Microsoft mobile ecosystems.

  • 58% of consumers with smart phones regularly shop online through Mobile Apps.

  • 61% of people state their mobile experience affects their opinion of brands.

  • More than 20,000 malicious and fraudulent apps for Android devices were found in July 2012 alone. With a high proliferation of counterfeits, are you taking steps to safeguard your brand integrity?

When a customer has a negative experience on an unauthorized app purporting to represent you, it’s your company that feels the impact on sales and brand reputation.

Smart phones and tablets outnumbered PCs during the first quarter of 2013 and their popularity continue to grow. The corresponding proliferation of mobile apps has opened up huge opportunities for always-on interaction and access to customers, but also provided a new and incredibly effective online channel for cyber criminals - unauthorized mobile app distribution and access to pirated content & counterfeit goods via mobile apps are now significant problems for brands.

Threats to your brand

Cybercriminals are increasingly turning their attention to the apps world to conduct fraudulent activity. Mobile apps have attracted significant attention online, and have become the latest threat in the form of trade mark infringements, counterfeits, malware and phishing attacks.

  • Trademark fraud: fake apps use your valuable trademarks to trick consumers and divert internet traffic.
  • Rogue apps: malware disguised as mobile apps uses the popularity of your brand to attract consumers - impacting your integrity and creating a negative user experience.
  • Phishing: fake apps redirects your customers to illegitimate websites with the sole purpose of stealing personal and financial information. 
  • Brand infringements: identical or similar apps, corporate images or logos dilute the value of your brand online.
  • Social media: the increased use of social media and growth of social platforms promotes links to fake, rogue or infringing apps endangering your mobile customers and brand.

When a customer has a negative experience on an unauthorized app purporting to represent you, it’s your company that feels the impact on sales and brand reputation.

Benefits of NetNames Mobile App Protection

NetNames offers the most powerful and comprehensive end to end mobile app protection solution in the market, capable of effective monitoring and rapid enforcement across all major mobile app marketplaces – iTunes, Google Play, Blackberry World and Windows Store. NetNames’ mobile app monitoring solution works in two ways:

Identify infringing mobile apps: NetNames monitors all the major mobile app marketplaces for counterfeit, copycat apps, or apps infringing trademarks, linking to pirated content, attempting phishing attacks or distributing malware.
Removal of infringing mobile apps: NetNames has strong and established links with all the main app marketplaces allowing prompt submission of enforcement notices and for the removal of rogue or infringing apps. 


  • Protects brand value: constant and active monitoring of mobile app stores for improved visibility of the threats that are infringing your brand’s integrity and value
  • Safeguards your IP: recognition of similar brands, names and images that infringe on your copyright and trademarks, including false claims of affiliation.
  • Protects customers: full scan of the entire mobile app content to identify malware or phishing threats.
  • Protects your revenue: removes apps with links to pirated digital content and counterfeit goods 
  • Access to market intelligence: identifies key developers responsible for creating fake or rogue apps

Why NetNames?

  • The market leading Mobile App Protection Service – deep monitoring and rapid enforcement on all major app stores.
  • The most advanced image and logo recognition technology – NetNames ImageFlare™
  • A fully bespoke, flexible and responsive end to end eservice – we proactively adapt to meet client needs, and evolve to stay One Step Ahead of changing online threats.
  • Strong relationships with all major app stores to quickly remove infringing content - our expert team of analysts can issue take-down notices in more than 25 languages. The highest levels of compliance in the industry.
  • Our dedicated in-house Chinese analyst team provide us with a global reach, especially in the highly infringed Chinese and Asia market place sites.
  • We are the pioneers of Online Brand Protection – leading this specialist field since 1999.
  • A 99% client retention rate – unmatched technology, expertise and total customer focus.


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