• Over 1,200 new gTLDs are set to be released, revolutionizing how we interact online

  • Up to 20 new TLDs will be delegated each week over the next two years

  • Over 75% of the biggest global brands have applied for their own Top Level Domain

The emergence of hundreds of new gTLDs will impact all businesses with a digital presence. Brands need to ensure they have a domain name strategy that reflects the release of these new domain suffixes as well as the existing ones.

The value of new gTLD services to brands:

The new gTLDs will effectively reset the internet and offer brands the opportunity to strengthen their online presence and lead the way in a new digital era. On the other hand, the fragmentation of the internet could expose your brand to the dangers of cybersquatters hijacking your brand, so a holistic domain strategy is essential to optimize benefits and minimize risks online.

  • The availability of the new gTLDs will mean a need to redefine your online presence and secure new domain names that better reflect your business objectives, target markets and products.
  • The introduction of generic top level domains will create new opportunities for brand holders to target new markets, new customers and new revenue streams.
  • A domain name is a valued asset as much as stock; property or intellectual property, and so the new gTLDs open up opportunities to increase the value of your business.
  • Developing a domain name portfolio that both protects and adds value will become more costly for brand owners in the future.

NetNames gTLD Strategy Service

NetNames helps brands develop an effective gTLD strategy to take advantage of the biggest opportunity the internet has ever presented, whilst at the same time, optimize existing domain name portfolios. Our comprehensive, integrated and fully tailored range of services places NetNames in a unique position to truly support brand gTLD strategies end-to-end.

gTLD strategy:

Complete strategy development service including: own brand (.brand) TLD applications and implementation, fully bespoke gTLD registration reports and gTLD trademark protection measures.

Trademark Clearinghouse Services:

Market leading protection services allowing brand owners to monitor and detect trademark abuse far beyond those offered by the Trademark Clearinghouse.


Why NetNames?

  • A leading domain registrar since 1999 - unparalleled expertise and know-how of the domain industry and strong relationships with ICANN.
  • The leading provider of domain portfolio and gTLD consultancy services to top brands worldwide.
  • Global brand owners already partner with NetNames for their own (.Brand) gTLD applications.
  • The first registrar to be an accredited Trademark Clearinghouse agent - our clients are the first in the industry to be notified of new gTLDs.
  • Market leader in Trademark Clearinghouse applications – submitted the first ever TMCH application and delivered the largest amount of successful applications worldwide.
  • NetNames Dot Strategy Engine provides organizations with clear recommendations on the most suitable new gTLDs to register.

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